Give Your Bedside Cabinets a New Lease of Life with this D.I.Y Upcycle

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Upcycle bedside cabinet using wallpaper

When I first moved into my house, every penny was a prisoner, so I gratefully received these two bedside cabinets for free. I hate waste and would much sooner try to make something out of nothing than buy new.

Basic Ikea Unit as it was to begin with

The first stage involved giving each unit a quick sanding. I just used steel wool for this as I didn’t want to scratch the surface. I then cleaned each unit down using Sugar Soap solution, which I picked up from B&M.

For the paint colour I decided to go for black, which was unusual for me as I’ve never painted anything that colour before. I’m now a total convert and absolutely love working with black paint. I used Johnstone Matt Black Paint – a brand that I hadn’t used before but would try again as I didn’t have any issue using it. I used three coats on the sides of the unit where the paper wasn’t going to cover and I also coated the edges of the top and drawers, incase there would be any gaps when the paper was applied.

In order to match the black paint, I took a trip to the The Range and picked up some wallpaper samples to see how each would look in the room. I settled on a dark floral wallpaper. I simply cut the wallpaper to size which was a bit tricky for the top section. The drawers were easier as I just pulled each out and drew around the shape and therefore had the exact size to cut.

I used 3M Craft Mount Permanent Adhesive spray glue, which I found in Hobbycraft. This stuff is really easy to use and sticks things down really well – just be sure to cover the edges and try not to get glue onto your hands and therefore onto the paper. You do have to work fairly quickly with this glue but it does allow you one or two opportunities to readjust before sticking. I then just smoothed the wallpaper down with a spreader to make sure there were no creases.

I finished off by coating the wallpaper with several layers of B&Q Good Home Clear Matt and voila!

Finished Product Painted and Papered

This was my only my second time using wallpaper to cover furniture and I think it worked out really well. It was inexpensive too as the units were free and I already had the glue and paint brushes from previous projects. And, I still have plenty of paint and paper left over for my next project!

6 thoughts on “Give Your Bedside Cabinets a New Lease of Life with this D.I.Y Upcycle

  1. Marie says:

    Love the decadence of the floral pattern and dark jet black colour. I never would have thought that a boring brown cabinet could be transformed into something so effective, indulgent and professional in appearance. #I’m inspired.

    • Sage and Blossom says:

      Thanks Marie, I think the black paint and floral paper works well together too. Glad you’ve been inspired!

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