If you love the smell of coffee, you have to try this

I hate coffee. I absolutely hate the taste of it yet I would eat Tiramisu, Affogato and coffee cream Quality Street every day if I could. I also love walking past a Costa (or any other coffee shop for that matter) and breathing in a lungful of freshly brewed coffee. So, I thought I would try a Coffee Candle and see if it would fill my own home with the delicious smell.

I already had a bowl that I bought from Next in the sale a few years ago. I had used it for pot pourri but the scent had faded, therefore thought it would be perfect to use for the candle.

I purchased these coffee beans from Costco for about £7 as I could smell the coffee through the packaging and couldn’t resist. I used half of the packet for the candle and will use the remainder when the scent needs refreshed. I also bought a Vanilla scented candle from Wilko for £2.50.

Coffee Beans

To be honest, I almost thought the coffee beans were too strong to begin with but after a day either the scent had dissipated a bit or I had gotten used to it. I tend to light it in the kitchen when I’m cooking as it disguises any cooking smells and gives off a familiar, homely scent. I also think it will last a good while given the amount of coffee beans and how strong they were. So simple, inexpensive and looks a lot nicer than a bowl of fragrance free pot pourri!

Completed Coffee Candle

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